BMW GS Team Denmark Meeting

vernaIn September of 2001 we went to Litomerice, Czech Republic to attend the Second Annual BMW GS Meeting sponsored by the BMW GS Team Denmark. We got to our destination, the campground, in late afternoon. Although we had the GPS coordinates, we hadn’t read the instructions on how to enter the campground. Luckily, one of the participants happened to be walking on the sidewalk near the train station when we passed by and he directed us in via a footpath. This wasn’t the intended route, but it certainly worked and saved us some time driving around trying to find the entrance.

We checked into our cabin and met our hosts and settled down for the evening. At right is Verna and our bikes in front of “our house”. Well, it was a good thing we opted for the cabin as it rained a good part of the night. The cabin was much nicer than crawling in and out of a tent in the rain! This was our first experience in a campground where cabins can be rented. They are cheap and we will opt for them rather than the tent whenever the opportunity presents itself.

slowrideThere were several team events planned for the day, but we opted out as Jim was busy cleaning Verna’s fuel filter, determining why her left bag had been rubbing against the muffler and removing a rock that had wedged itself between the oil cooler and the rock screen in front of the oil cooler. This did not deter many of the others at the meeting from participating in the slow race (left) and the two person navigation team event. Meanwhile, Verna washed the big hunks off the bikes so they didn’t look quite so road-worn.

dinnerThe campground had a small cafe where we were able to get out of the weather (there was a nice warm wood burning stove) as well as getting all the food and drink we desired for a very reasonable price. At right are some of those who attended at dinner Friday night. Did we mention that the Czech Republic is the home of Budwiser Beer? This is not (Jim is happy to report) the same as the Budwiser found in the US. As can be seen from the picture, we enjoyed our share of the local brew. When we weren’t out kicking tires on the bikes, we were inside swapping traveling stories and suggestions of where to visit. We met several folks from Denmark (the organizers of the event) as well as seeing our friends Matz and Kalle from Sweden. We also met folks from Ireland, Germany, and England. Everyone had a great time, due in a great part to the coordination efforts of Heidi and Henrik who provided registration service for the host club.

We had a very good time, met lots of nice people and renewed some acquaintances. We look forward to the next event!

For additional BMW GS Team Denmark photos click here.


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