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We arrived in Europe in 1998, when we started a work assignment in Dublin, Ireland. After 21 months working in Dublin we reached the point in our lives where we could retire and start traveling full time. Our plan is to spend five to six years traveling in Europe.We find that we really like Europe and feel at home here. Perhaps that’s a result of being the offspring of European immigrants. Everywhere we go the people have treated us very, very well. We have met at lot people in our travels and now have many new friends.

We are both in awe of the tremendous amount of history everywhere we go. Most Americans tend to have a somewhat myopic view of the world - perhaps because we think that 200+ years (the time our country has been in existence) is a long period of time. Not so in this part of the world. We find that people here continue to be at odds with each other over events that occurred 400+ years past.

The pages in this section have been modified subsequent to their creation as we have returned to some areas because we did not get to see everything we wanted the first time or we just happened to be passing through on our way to or from some other places. We have tried to include the month and year of our visit in each of the subsections and to also indicate if we have returned to an area after the initial visit. Enjoy.


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