We visited Slovenia in May of 2003 - the bikes are parked just past the border check point where we entered the country from Austria. Our initial activities involved purchasing “Green Card” insurance for the bikes, exchanging money and getting some lunch. Not a large set of tasks but we found that the place at the border crossing that sells insurance only had one form left so we could only purchase insurance for one of the bikes.


loibl pass

Fortunately the sales person was very nice and so was the driver of a delivery van who was there at the same time. The drive offered to lead us to the local automobile service in Kranj, the nearest large town where we were able to purchase insurance for the second bike.

Getting money exchanged involved stopping at two banks before we located one that could do the job. Then, getting something to eat was no problem at all.

Slovenia is the smallest country in Eastern Europe at 20,256 square kilometers - about the size of Whales or Israel. The northwestern part of the country is home to the Julian Alps, but most of the country is mountainous.

Slovenia is one of the strongest economies of the former socialist countries which is interesting because the population is only 2 million people.


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