poland_sm02We arrived in Poland in mid July of 2003 on our BMW motorcycles during our adventure motorcycle travels when we left Slovakia riding through the Carpathian Mountains which Poland shares with Slovakia. Poland is bordered by seven countries and the Baltic Sea. It covers 312,677 square kilometers (120,72 square miles) and is just a bit smaller than Germany.

The area between the Baltic Sea and its areas of sand dunes and seaside lakes and the Carpathian Mountains is a vast plain with numerous rivers dividing the plain. The largest river is the Vistula which runs south to north into the Baltic Sea. A vast majority of the country is covered by forests (27%) .

The population is about 38.5 million with 60% of the population living in towns and cities. Warsaw is the largest city with 1.7 million people. Current estimates have more than 10 million Poles living outside the country.

Over the centuries, Poland has been invaded by numerous groups - Celts, Balts, Huns and many Germanic Tribes. In 1990 the communist government resigned and a period of political change dominated the political scene for several years. Today a multiparty system exists.


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